The Mountaintop Speech – 50th Anniversary REMIX

Honor to one of the greatest human beings of all time, embodiment of selflessness and sacrifice, the real #BlackJesus - #MLK50 #MLK #ImprovisingOnTheChanges #CivilRights #MartinLutherKing #Mountaintop #goat #DreamStillLives #MLKnow Thanks @becauseofthem for the inspiration

Beauty, Love, Justice – MLK Day

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day with this piece inspired by Dr.King's speech at Barratt Junior High School, Philadelphia on Oct 26 1967. "Finally, in your life’s blueprint, must be a commitment to the eternal principles of beauty, love and justice. Don't allow anybody to pull you so low as to make you hate them. Don't … Continue reading Beauty, Love, Justice – MLK Day